Are you ready for GAPS Protocol Coaching to achieve the best possible results?

Have you read one of Dr. Natasha’s books? Have you plateaued in your progress? Are you stuck? Are you ready to explore the next best step?

For people that are stuck, they seek coaching as the next best step.

I personally practice The GAPS Nutritional Protocol including GAPS Nutritional food prep, food choices, and environmental and personal care. Through my training, study and practice, I have achieved significant results with my own digestive disorders and emotional well being and can guide you through your personalized protocol.

While we work together, I’ll pay close attention to your individual situation and needs, and guide you through your journey of Dr. Natasha’s GAPS Nutritional Protocol.

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20 Minute Free Consultation

This consultation allows me to understand your conditions and answer general questions on how the GAPS Protocol can help you achieve the best possible results.


Hourly Consultation

$60 per hour

Consultation, recommendations, food prep instruction, home/kitchen inspection etc., in person or virtual.

This may include some or all of the following:
  • Understanding the complete GAPS Protocol
  • GAPS cooking guidelines and techniques
  • Kitchen equipment recommendations
  • Pantry sweep and restocking recommendations
  • Food sourcing
  • Environmental and personal care recommendations
  • Journaling guidance
  • Supporting references
  • Monitoring and tracking progress
  • Providing channels of support within local  communities


Hourly Consultation Package


5 hours credit towards your account. Can be used in 15 increments against your consultation account balance.